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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Own that compliment!!

Good morning all! We'll my first marathon is fast approaching and I must admit I'm a bit nervous! My goal is to finish without walking. Yikes, I hope I can do that. Regardless, I wanted to take a moment and truly thank all of my friends, fitcampers, and co-workers who volunteered to run/walk for this great cause. I even got my husband and little boy to do it with me!! My little one has been saying, "I want to go exercise mommy! I have to run!" So at the wee age of 4 there he was last night running 3/4 mile without stopping with Daddy. I definitely have a little athlete on my hands. Last night my fitcampers and I ran......a lot! I wanted to get a timed mile for my girls so they kind of know what to expect time wise on Saturday with the 5k. After talking with the girls I realized its so funny how things work and how our lives are so different but oh so alike. We sat there sharing stories of what we feel like when we look in the mirror or a simple reflection. What we go through each morning trying to find something to know, comparing our insecurities and how we handle them. As I sat there listening I realized that I have even more in common then I thought I did with these amazing ladies. I can not wait for the day to hear each of them one by one start to say that they LOVE how they feel, LOVE who they are, and LOVE how they look inside and then out. I noticed that when someone had paid all of them a great compliment not one thought it was true. A co-worker saw us working out the day before and commented that she'd be intimidated going out to fitcamp because everyone was skinny. When I told the girls what she had said I think one even said, "She must have not looked close enough."Own that compliment ladies!! Next time something like that happens I want you guys to say, "wow, thank you....I'm trying and working really hard." You guys are all working so hard to reach your individual goals and you deserve to be given credit. You all are gorgeous and have a huge heart to share. So is this a deal? Will you own that compliment when someone pays it to you?

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