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Monday, September 21, 2009

Shawna Kilbert 5k Run

As most of you know, my fitcampers and I ran the 5k this past Saturday in honor of Shawna Kilbert. The out reach was amazing to see, as so many people showed up to support loved ones whether they are fighting a battle, lost a battle, or beat the battle against cervical cancer. The positivity was pouring out and just the whole atmosphere of the event itself was so uplifting. I'm so glad I participated in this run so thank you Shea-ster for getting me involved! On another positive note I can't thank my fitcampers enough for doing this with me!!! I can't believe we all finished in under 35 minutes!! Are you kidding me???!!! Talk about fantastic! Simply blew me away! All day I kept saying how proud I was of you all. I have pictures of each and every one of you crossing that finish line and you all looked so proud of yourselves. You should be! I hope you guys are getting as much out of this fitcamp as I am. I get motivation through each one of you, I get a new outlook on life, health, fitness, and will to succeed. You guys are truly awesome! Good job and congrats to each one of you for finishing your first 5k! You guys rock!

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