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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lend a hand

I'm so excited that Pelco has volunteered to help me promote my fit camp! With 2500 + -employees here I can only imagine the response! I can't wait to see who comes out and at least gives it a shot. I am being given the opportunity to speak at our running clinic here and hope to be involved in so much more to promote health and wellness. I know I seem to repeat this over and over, but it is just so mind blowing that I've been blessed with this. I still can't wrap my brain around the fact that God has such a good (tricky) personality taking my biggest struggle and reason of pure and utter depression and He turned it into something amazing. Goes to show that He has a reason for everything....even what you think you can't handle. I gave my whole self to Him in this battle......& I wish I would have done that in the first place long ago....but don't we all wish that right? It's taught me how great it feels to help others. Seeing my girls faces in pain is not the best hearing you guys be proud of yourselves is undescribable. I encourage all you guys to do something to give yourselves the same feeling.....whether it's holding the door for someone, smiling, buying the persons lunch in back of you, volunteer work, etc. I promise it's much more fulfilling then sitting behind a desk.

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