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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


From the schedule being screwy, to moans and growns, not being able to walk, to name it, it's happened this week in fitcamp. But, I love the fact that we are all able to laugh and have a good time each and everytime we go out there. Let's see, what have I been called this week?......Satin, evil, crazy, and they definetly think there is a screw No, but really we've had fun right girls? Funny story, so we are running Death Hill at Woodward last night. Each girl is trying their best to make it up without stopping. I was leading the pack when I think to myself, "I'm gonna go help out those in the back." Thank the Lord Jesus I thought that!!! Next thing I know Traci's high pitch scream beltches out and I see Raquel racing down the mountain at lightening speed in a full blown sprint!!!! Girls and arms flyin' everywhere! What the heck happened?? What happened was Carolina says, "What is that?" and as Jen looks down and jumps over it they realize it's a flippin' snake!!!!! OMG! If that would have been me, I'd literally have passed out! It was probably about 2-3 feet long and black and white stripped. YUCK! So that's my funny story. So now, when I need the girls to pick it up a notch.....I'm going to yell....SNAKE!!!!!!

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