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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thank you!

I just wanted to say a quick "thank you" to everyone out there supporting me in this workout program. Support is just fuel to the fire and this is going so perfectly! People are contacting me just from word of mouth.....some I never knew until now and some from way back in the day. I find everyone has their own story to tell and learning about all of you is so fulfilling. So thank you all for joining me and spreading such a kind word about me and my want to help others. On another you know we switched work out locations. Woodward was amazing in my eyes, but not all were a fan. LOL you know who you are!! The others loved it! Nothing like hills, major running, and getting dirty and stuck on top of the hill. However, each person did so amazing! Pushing themselves to the limit, jumping back in to join us when they could, and really giving it their all. That is what I love to see because it means you want it! For all of you who have contacted me and want to join I encourage you to not "want" to join, but to JOIN once and for all. I think we all can agree it's fun and you meet new people everytime. We have every height, weight, in shape, outta shape, type of person out there. So joining now is a perfect time. If you have any questions at all feel free to contact me on facebook under Lynnette Carrillo, email at or call me 978-2614. I look forward to this each day as it continues to grow by the second. See you soon!!

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