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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bringing a friend? Keep your fee!

For the month of April I'm really trying to help those in need to get into shape for those summer bods we all are striving to get. Summer is right around the corner! Which means, shorts, tanks, and dan-dan-DAN!!!!!!!!!! Swim suits! If you're afraid of those words, join us at fitcamp for a start to a new you. A healthier you! April is the last month before my one year anniversary of fitcamp!!! Wow! What an amazing experience this all has been! Thank you all for making this such an awesome year! For the month of April and May each time you bring a friend you pay no fee!!! So bring one each time and you'll never pay! Now I don't know about you, but I can say about everyone I know wants to be in better shape so just getting your friends and family out there is the challenge. Be that inspirational person in your loved ones lives and drag them out to fitcamp. You'll benefit from free-bees and they will love you for introducing them to a funfilled workout program that wants to grow! Let's work together and make this happen....make 2010 the year fitcamp blows up!


  1. Fit camp is worth every Dollar I spend! But I'm siked about the whole bring a friend get a free it!!!
    So did this apply only to new faces? Can it be some who came once then never came back?
    LCFTCAMP ROCKS!!! Seriosuly is changing my life one work out at a time.

  2. Yay Brandi I love to hear your positive does only apply to new faces. =) So bring the old and the new!!