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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

LC's Biggest Loser Contest!!!

Alright fitcampers.....Brand new to LCfitcamp we now have a competition that will take place starting February 2nd, 2010. LCfitcamp's Biggest Loser Competition! We will be starting a month from now to give all you newbee's a chance to see what this program is all about and get those muscles used to what they are about to endure. This competition will not be for everyone. All of you are in this program for different reasons: losing weight, toning up, health issues, baby weight, back problems, etc. But I invite all of you who are interested in becoming the Biggest Loser to push yourself and make this interesting and fun!!. This will be judged off of pounds & inches lost. Motivation, attitude, attendance and all around improvement will also be taken into consideration. This is the time people that everything entering your mouth will count! Cheating will show up on the scale! I am not around to see what choices you make when you are not at fitcamp, but what I can do is implement a competition to help you make better choices through out your day in order to succeed. This is the time when those miles ran on your day off counts! Remember, winning is not the only success to get out of this. Discipline is #1!

The competition details:

*Starting date: February 2nd
*Ending date: May 1st
*$20 flat rate to enter the contest
*Weigh-ins: Every Saturday morning after fitcamp
*Each contestant will be given a number to keep it confidential
*By number, weekly results will be posted on the blog to see where you sit in the competition
*Work outs will intensify and I will be harder on you because I know you can do it.
In other more excuses! I will squeeze results out of this 3 months.
*$1 due for each pound gained during the duration of the contest only. These dollars will go into a pot for the winner of the competition. This will hold you all accountable for what you're eating.
*And the best part.....WINNER gets 6 month free training, 5 free private sessions, and the pot of cash for pounds gained!

I encourage all of you to challenge yourself and do this with me. Strive for the impossible. You've got nothing to lose but pounds! So let's do this together!

Please email me or message me on facebook for more details:

Good luck to each and every one of you!


  1. nette did you watch biggest loser last nite??? sound good count me in! what is the $20 for? does that go to the winner as well or is that for supplies and stuff? ~deanna

  2. I did watch the biggest loser!! Awesome! made me realize I'm waaaayyyy to easy on you guys LOL! The $20 does not go to the winner. Only the $1 of pounds gained goes to the winner. It could be $ could be $30 who knows?? Hopefully $0 though. The $20 is a contest entry fee only. I'm really excited about this!

  3. It's finally here!!!! Whoop whoop!