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Monday, December 28, 2009

New stick to it!

How many times have we (widely including myself) said "this year, I'm loosing "x" amount of pounds so I can look good for summer." Notice I asked if you "said" it and not "did" it. LOL. I've done this countless times and let me tell you.....I failed. I always compare working out to going to church. We feel so good when we go, but it's getting there and staying there and making it part of out routine. Working out feels good...listening to the Word feels why is this so hard for us to keep at? Quit with the I'm going to start on Monday talk and start now, today. 2010 has a ring to it. So let's make this LCfitcamp year of success for each one of us in our own individual ways. Whether it's toning up, loosing pounds, inches, or just getting into shape. Let's be successful and not add another year of pounds. For all of you who were with me and used to be on fire with motivation and may have lost that flame. Ya, you know who you are....Don't take what you may think is the easy way out by putting your health on the back burner. Do what it takes which is motivation, discipline, and determination. Make sure you have support and believe it or not your motivation will drive others to change their lifestyle as well. It's a domino effect. I give you my word to make the change and life will happen in a different view. A happier healthier one. And from experience it's awesome.

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