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Monday, July 20, 2009

The beginning....

All my life I have been an athlete. Softball, volleyball, weight training... you name it, I've done it. I've always had a slight obsession with being fit, but later in life it became something else. More about image then what's on the inside. I can't say I was proud of who I became at all. The hardest time I've ever had in life was from about year 2003-2007. I lost myself and I can tell you right now I wouldn't wish what I went through upon my worst enemy. At the time, I was dating and living with my husband Matt. Bless his heart for sticking by me through that time. I went from being in the best shape I've ever been in, to gaining a quick 30 pounds all the way up to 180. Now, for a 5 ft. 3 inch girl who wasn't used to this weight, it sent me over the edge and into a depression I went. The sad part about it was that, looking back, I should have been enjoying life since I was still young with little responsibility and madly in love. But I was sick and continuously obsessing over loosing weight. The one thing I ask for all of you taking the time to read this is to never let yourself get lost in what other people look like compared to you, never let your addictions come before your happiness, family and faith, and always remember you can do what seems to be impossible. A long story short my depression and battle went on for years. Then in 2006, I found out I was pregnant!! Oh boy what a surprise! But what a blessing. The moment I found out I can remember like yesterday. My best friend Jamie and I standing in the bathroom of my apartment staring at a very obvious plus sign crying. I remember feeling a quick sense of complete panic and then I felt God's hand on me telling me it's in His plan and everything would be ok. Jaden was the answer to my prayers. I used to pray, "please get this weight off of me and let me be skinny!" But once Jaden came I began to pray, "Thank you Lord for what you've blessed me with and please let me feel peace." I think that's why I loved pregnancy so much. I felt beautiful and peaceful the whole way through. Which is why Jaden is named what he is: Jaden (God heard us) Matthew (gift of God) Carrillo. Meaning: God heard us calling and gave us a answer. Jaden is my little blessing and I will forever remember that. Now, with being pregnant I went up to 220 pounds. Yes, I know....I can't believe I'm writing that to share with the world either. 8 weeks after having Jaden I joined a body boot camp through Alice 96.7 and met a very passionate group of people. After a couple years of training I was getting no where......I'd loose a few and then get comfortable and gain it back. It was a constant cycle. In 2007 I decided to get GBS which forever changed my life. Did I ever think at 25 years old that would be happening to me? Never! But it was a hard choice that I am so glad I made. So far I've lost 85 pounds and I'm at a very healthy 137 pounds as we speak. 7 more pounds to go and I'm happy.....17 and I'm on top of the world. Either way, I now feel it's time to give back with what I've learned through my journey with battling this inside and out. I was finally blessed with what I had been praying for all along and now I want to share and bless others and lend a hand just as all the other trainers and influences had done for me. I started training with my main gal....Mrs. Shea Leider. She has done amazing training with me and I am so glad she has been brought into my life because she is what you call a motivated just all around good person. I have several others that have been coming to the fit camp and all of them are so awesome, each having a different story and goal. I'm thankful for each and every person who comes out and attempts to make a change. I hope you guys know how truly passionate about this I am. So thank you all for helping me fulfill my dream.


  1. Yay for a fitness blog. I will be reading it daily! You are the bestest best!

  2. You're amazing sweetie!! I'm so glad I read this right now too, I'm due in January and have been so stressed about losing weight. I'm proud of you!


  3. Hey Mrs. Carrillo - I'm so excited and you're such a great motivator! Thanks for your support, I'm glad I found you in the cafe. Yadi

  4.'re amazing! I know you are and you should be very proud of what you've accomplished. It's great to see you so happy. :)


  5. OMG Miss Lynnette...Ok now I'm hooked. I was talking to Catalina about this and I am gonna start coming whenever Jermeiah is home to be with Shea..or I can find a sitter. I totally need this and someone who will push me but not cut me down. Total inspiration.

  6. I'm a friend of a friend through Shea and heard about what you are doing through her. I read your story and it was very inspiring. My daughter is 7 months old and I gained almost 60lbs. with her. I wasn't thin to begin with. I too have been battling depression. However thanks to God and all my praying family and friends I finally feel like I'm climbing out of that valley. I'm thinking about joining you if that would be okay. I still need to check with my husband. Also, it would only be a couple nights if I can come as my husband plays sports 2 nights a week. Thanks so much for sharing your story and giving back.
    =)Sarah Hardy

  7. Sarah-
    You and I will see eye to eye. I can tell just in your writings. I would LOVE for you to join us and help you on you journey. Thank you for the opportunity. Smile!

  8. Saw your fitness pics that a friend on facebook commented on, you look great! Congrats on all your hard work! Wish I lived in Fresno, I'd love to join :)

  9. Thank you Whitney! I appreciate it!

  10. Thanks for a great workout! I look forward to next week and, hopefully, staying consistent w/ this! What a great testimony of perseverence.
    Have fun in D-Land!

  11. Wow Lynnette. Not seeing you since Highschool, I never knew you went through this up-and-down-weight period. I saw you recently again on Facebook and saw the same beautiful, "fit" Lynnette I knew in highschool, and I must admit... I was a little jealous that you look SO good even AFTER having Jaden! As I'm sure you remember, I was never "skinny" per se in Highschool. I wasn't the BIGGEST girl on campus, but I wasn't a size 0 either... I, too, was the sporty, "thick" girl. After having my first son in 2002, and going through a 10 week stay at Valley Children's while he was sick and receiving care, I went through a DEEP depression where I found FOOD to be a good friend. I gained a LOT of weight and found myself at a CRAZY 260 pounds!

    In 2004, my husband and I found ourselves trying unsuccessfully for over a year to get pregnant with our second... my doctor told me to lose weight and that I would conceive. She was right. I lost over 60 pounds, hitting 199, and then found out I was pregnant with Connor.

    After Connor, I weighed 230 pounds and fought HARD to get back down to 200 (which took a good year!)

    Now, after our 3rd little boy, Chase, who's currently 7 weeks old, I'm at 218 and headed down some more. I'm working hard at it, eating low carb, walking every night, drinking lots of water... and I'm finding that your constant facebook statuses, blog updates, etc. remind me that even those who I may want to look like, whose bodies I may think are "perfect" STILL struggle every day! Being "fit" is something we ALL have to work at... and you remind me of that!

    Thanks so much for writing about your struggles. You've reminded me WHY I'm trying so hard to get in shape... it's NOT ONLY about "looking good"... it's more.

    Nikki Cooley-Myers

  12. I just did the math...OMG! You so inspire me! Thank you for all the hard work you put into FC! We all love you for it!

  13. Your story spoke to my heart in so many ways. I completely understand the obsession and depression! I am there and fight it every step of the way. I workout everyday and eat good but my body is at a standstill and won't budge. I have tried mixing it up, but no progress. My obsession effects the relationship with my husband and kids. Do you have any suggestions for me? What do you do at fit camp?

  14. Debbie- Can you please email me at I'd like to talk further with you.