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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well hello everyone and Happy New Year! I hope you all have had a chance to enjoy these holidays with your loved ones. I know I have! With this extended break I'm assuming we have some anxious fitcampers ready to get back into the groove considering all the emails I've been receiving asking when it's time to kick it back into gear. I very excited to announce something that I know a lot of what I call "fitcamp ponderers" will be excited about! On countless occasions I've had people approach me who were curious about FC and really wanted to come, but were letting their fears get the best of them. Fears ranging all over the place from being the oldest one, biggest one, slowest one or even having anxiety of working out in front of what they felt was an audience. Now you Fitcampers know one visit with us and all those fears would be put to rest because of how supportive we all are to one another. However, you'd be surprised on the amount of people who I never had the chance to train based on these worries people have. Soooooo, I came up with something that kind of caters to those with fears in which I have mentioned. Fitcamp is usually a "come as you can" kind of boot camp. Well, no longer is that leash available which in turn you'll thank me for later. It will hold you accountable for what you have already paid for and get you on a more consistent workout routine with less of a choice to show up or not. I'm still doing the same or at least similar workouts however, it is now you and your peers, families, etc. option as to what group you choose to work out with. No more embarrassment for you shy people. =)I'll give you an example:

Shea would like to work out with just herself, her sister in-law and her mom. So Shea would call me and work out a SET WEEKLY TIME to book me for Shea and her family. That time would be penciled out for them alone.

$10 per person per hour session - GROUP
$20 per hour private - SOLO

So it is up to you guys to arrange a group you all are comfortable with and come with the understanding you all rely on each other to be supportive in showing up, and holding one another accountable for getting your monies worth. You guys show up and I'll take care of the hard part =)

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