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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Change in Plans

Well as most of you all know....I'm sick. Very sick. Sometimes we all think, "well isn't this just my luck!" But really girls...Isn't this just my luck! Who other then me would start a new job, a fitness contest and end up getting not only strep throat, but Mono on top of it all? As I spoke with my doctor and several other friends who've had mono before the key word was "rest." My automatic reaction was, "I can't rest! I have too much to do! Work, train, family, trips planned, etc." I don't have a choice to slow it down!!" But then the husband stepped in and asked what i thought about postponing fitcamp to resume in April and move the contest out for an additional month so you all get what you so much deserve. Girls, as much as I HATE to do this to each of you I'm going to have to. I definitely can not work out and even if I went there to instruct I wouldn't be getting the proper rest I've been ordered to take.

So to make it more fitcamp for the month of March. We will start again Thursday, April 1st.

As far as the BL contest goes.... I'd be happy to push it out another month which would give the ending date a new date of June 1ST.

As frustrated as I am with this having to happen I was forced to look at the positive which see how many of you are serious about changing your lives. Who is going to come back on April 1st more in shape and 5 pounds less? Who is going to continue going to the gym, going for runs, doing a video at home, and continuing eating not good, BUT great? Those who stick to it are really ready to change their life and not put all this hard work to shame. This will be a true test for each of you individually. To see if you can do it on your own for a few measly weeks. It's all I ask of you and then it's back to normal with my training you all curse me for under your breath. =) I love all of you and believe in each person whether they've come out just once or every time. Please keep yourself accountable. If you work out with me Tuesday, Thursday Saturday....THEN KEEP DOING IT!!! Same time same as a group if you'd like and hold each other accountable.

So I'll close with a sincere apology on how truly sorry I am for having to do this. But as each person has told me it's health first. For anyone who feels they would like a refund for the BL Contest, please do not hesitate to ask me (privately). I'd be happy to give it back due to the circumstances.

So with this....I've posted new results.....and put up the schedule for April 1st and on.

See all your bright shining faces then. Keep up the intense killer workouts!! YOU CAN DO IT! MMMWWWAA!!

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  1. aww, you poor thing! let me know if there's anything i can do. homemade chicken soup???? i'd be more than happy to make it and bring it to you! love you too! and will be praying for you! love, deanna